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Heating season is upon us and you should be aware of common issues that may be affecting your heating equipment. Since furnaces vary by type and technology so with limited space I am just going to point out the most common issues – there are countless things that could go wrong. Read on for the most common problems that can cause equipment not to work or a shortened equipment life.

This is one clogged filter, we had a probelm getting it out of the furnace at first. No wonder the homeowner complained that no airflow was coming through the vents. This is also a fire hazard especially with less updated furnaces that do not have the more modern safety mechanisms to turn them off prior to a hazard.dirty filter-resized-600.bmp

The Cold Craft top 5 count down:

5. Ignition Control or System Pilot Problems – This can prevent your furnace from igniting or even have sporadic performance.
4. Little to No Maintenance – The furnace is like a car and it requires maintenance – a lack of maintenance can cause unwelcomed breakdowns (at the worst times), increased energy costs and an uncomfortable home.
3. Power or Gas Turned off to the Furnace – This one sounds so easy but some people like to turn off their furnace if not in use or perhaps the on off switch to the furnace (resembling a light switch) was turned off in error.  This is more common than you would think.
2. Thermostat Breaks Down – This could simply be a power issue or perhaps there is something more involved preventing the furnace from kicking on.
1. Restricted Air Flow – There are several things that can cause this, from the design and build of the ductwork, dirty or clogged filters, dirty or ineffective fan motors, perhaps the bearings or belts are a problem or a zoning system is not operational these all cause ineffective heating and this can also cause the furnace to overheat and if the furnace is too old to have a safety shut off – it could be very dangerous.


The tempologists at Cold Craft are NATE certified and can provide a professional and accurate diagnosis, provide solutions and perform repairs so you can get back to what’s important to you. Our Safety Inspections, Tune and if need be home heating suggestions can improve your health, safety and performance of your heating system.

Our technicians can look inside your furnace on our often requested safety inspections to visually inspect the heat exchanger with a goose neck


camera so you can see the condition inside your furnace, this is important when predicting or diagnosing the possibility of deadly carbon dioxide (CO) intrusion into your ventilation system. Our tune up of your furnace has us checking all furnace components and servicing these as needed so you will be ready for heating season.

Cold Craft is a safety oriented company … we demonstrate this with our weekly technical and safety trainings with the tempology technicians – the heating season is also the holiday season and we want you and your family to be the safest and healthiest possible to enjoy these special times so have your furnace checked today.



If you need help with temperature, contact Cold Craft, Inc.

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By Published On: September 25, 2014

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