Schools are feeling the pinch too, but programs have been developed to help reduce energy bills for commercial buildings in the PG&E footprint.  The best kept secret is that schools qualify for this program too.  The program allows qualified Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) companies that can pass the rigorous training and pass the testing to work on these commercial properties to aid them in the reduction of energy usage.

Energy Cost Forecast

(Click above link for government energy cost forecast 2011-2012)

This program helps commercial properties become more energy efficient by focusing on airflow, refrigeration and building automation.  The biggest payback is for buildings that have rooftop equipment with something called an economizer.  Many HVAC companies do not understand the importance of this equipment and often disconnect it or cut the wiring to it which makes it inoperable.  Economizers work well where there is equipment or humans in numbers that increase the heat in the room.  Instead of cooling the room with air conditioning, if the outside temperature is cooler then the economizer comes on and cools the inside air.

Aside from ‘tuning’ up the equipment some of the free items include refrigerant, sensors and programmable thermostats (for qualified situations).  These items can significantly improve the energy efficiency of the building.  Some customers save between 25-30% on their energy bills, of course this depends on what other energy needs are present in the building.

Cold Craft, Inc. is an Air Care qualified provider in the South Bay working with the schools and commercial properties to become more energy efficient.  If your school is in the South Bay, East Bay or West Bay… and you wish to take advantage of this program, Chick the button below and see if your school or commercial property qualifies. It makes sense to use your tax dollars on education not energy waste.



If you need help with temperature, contact Cold Craft, Inc.

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By Published On: September 22, 2014

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