Secrets of the HVAC Tune Up

Managing your heating and air conditioning on your schedule is preferable to having a failure dictate your schedule.  The best way to do this is to schedule a thorough tune up right now, it can save you up to 30% on your monthly energy costs.  So what’s the big secret?  What I am referring to here is an actual tune up.  There are several firms out there offering cut rate tune ups to customers and they give you no more than a furnace or AC inspection they have no intention of tuning up your equipment.

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The purpose of their special tune up is to get to look at your heating and air conditioning equipment as an inspection and not a tune up.  So why do they want to do that?  Good question, these cut rate companies want to just quote you repairs that they see on this inspection or to sell you new equipment.  There are horror stories out there for instance to replace a 1-2 year old system that was installed by a reputable company (originally installed by one of our competitors, so we know the quality was good).  We also get advice from marketers to provide a cheap tune up and to send a sales person out to the home instead of a technician.  We find that unacceptable; if our customer is paying for a tune up they are going to get a tune up.  Yes we find potential issues and broken parts and we do make recommendations if the equipment has safety issues or it is too old to justify sinking more money into it.

This “tune up special” is at a very low cost so they can get to your home and see what they can sell you. Get your money’s worth by using a legitimate company that will really tune up your equipment.  We think of this play to get in your home as the carpet cleaners in the past that try to sell you a vacuum or new carpet, the carpet cleaning was to get in the door.

Cold Craft has NATE certified technicians so we know what we are doing.  We have also been trained for PG&E’s commercial tune up programs to increase energy efficiency, we work on both residential and commercial equipment.  Cold Craft is worry-free and we can be very beneficial to your energy efficiency.  At Cold Craft, Inc.  New equipment quotes are free.  Call us at 408.374.7292 or email .

If you need help with temperature, contact Cold Craft, Inc.

408.374.7292 or INFO@COLDCRAFT.COM

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