So you think you are safe leaving your windows open at night to cool your home, think again.  Even that upstairs window can easily be broken into and it happens more often than you think. Don’t be a target.

Every 15 seconds, a burglar breaks into a home in the United States, steals an average $1,725 worth of property and robs the people who live there of peace of mind for years [sources:McGoey, FBI].

Thieves prefer easy access, through an unlocked doors or windows. – An open window that is visible from the street may be the sole reason that a house is    targeted. An open window with only a locked window screen is particularly inviting to thieves. Access is quick, easy and silent.[source: Safeguard the world]

There are lots of examples of robbers entering the home through the windows, even the upstairs bedroom windows, then they run through the home, picking up valuables and out the door before the police are contacted.  Here are some interesting cases…ac units-resized-600

Teen Boy Pistol Whipped in Toluca Lake Home Invasion Robbery.

Idiot Cat Burglar Falls Out of Window – Video (but you can see how easy it was to get in through the second story)

Residential burglary–May 27, 5:12 p.m. Meritt Drive. Someone pried open a second-story bedroom window to gain entry into a home. The unknown suspect went through a safe and a jewelry cabinet. Jewelry and Rolex watches were stolen. – Cupertino

The highest percentage of burglariesoccur during the summer months.

 Prevention Video San Jose Police

Lock and secure windows and doors, watch the police video link above and when it’s hot use your air conditioning instead of having an open window.

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By Published On: September 26, 2014

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