Something a little more intoxicating than refrigeration for wine cellars? The ability to open a bottle of wine and preserve the rest of the wine in the bottle for up to 60 days. Two of the countertop or built-in Wine Station units are pictured. Each of them holds 4 bottles of opened wine.

Photo above is the home enjoyment model. Pictured: two units side by side.

The built-in Wine Station holds 80 bottles and 4 open wines. Ms. Nichol, CEO Cold Craft, explains that many wine bars, restaurants, and corporate lobbies use this technology, and it is also available for home use as a countertop or built-in appliance. She personally has the built-in version for ultimate wine storage and serving all in one.  “Such a conversation starter, as soon as someone enters the room, they are impressed.  One day a drummer from an international band stopped by and immediately wanted one for the singer in the band.” Ms Nichol added.

Accurate dispensing of up to a ¼ oz. can be done with up to four bottles of wine kept at serving temps. The same pour for each guest is important for when serving guests or during a wine tasting so the maximum number of people can participate. It is available for home or commercial use.

It can be used to make sure an accurate pour every time, with no waste, for the commercial establishment, which means a better bottom line. The WineStation® also signals when a bottle is out of wine and can compile data on popular wines to assist with purchasing. The WineStation® is also less messy with dripping or spilled wine, whether in the home or in a commercial setting. Because our customer base enjoys wine, we offer the WineStation® by Napa Technology.

Other methods on the market today cannot compare to the sleek coolers topped with push-button selectors found in your favorite hotel lounge, tasting room, or restaurant. Many grocery stores have gotten in on the action. Open any non-sparkling wine you want right now and pour a perfectly portioned, temperature-controlled beverage that stays fresh for 60 days.”

“Think about it: you’re having a dinner party and three people want Syrah, one wants Chardonnay, one wants Pinot Grigio, but you just want one glass of Merlot before you switch to something else. With the Napa Wine Station, you can pour glasses, keep all bottles at the perfect temperature, and not have to worry about waste,” said Ms. Nichol. To be sure, it’s a tempting image. The fun doesn’t stop there. “If you’ve ever poured wine, you’ve spilled wine,” says Ms. Nichol. “It’s just a part of enjoying wine. But the Napa WineStation® totally eliminates that possibility. The bottles are an easy twist-in twist-out, you don’t even need to tip them, so you don’t lose a drop.”

There’s practically no cleanup at all, either. “Napa really thought of everything with this one. They’ve got this patented dispensing technology that’s totally eliminated the need for internal tubes and harsh chemicals. Washing it out is just a flush with warm water, and occasionally you use a little soap.”

The WineStation® will even help you preserve your wines after you open them, so you can enjoy them longer. The WineStation® units are made right here in America, with the current environment it makes it much easier to get it manufactured and not be at the mercy of other economies or other countries.

By Published On: January 2, 2023

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