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There are many reasons why solar is attractive to homeowners, for some it can be a very personal commitment and for others it simply comes down to expense control.

solar lennoxHere’s why most people consider “going solar”:

No Cost Energy.

Since sunlight is free, you might as well use it to power your home and perhaps run your meter backwards.

Clean … Clean … Clean.

It is worth repeating…

How big is your carbon footprint? Well it can go down a few shoe sizes when you get solar installed.  The beauty of solar is that it can be used to heat and cool your home with no global climate impact.   It takes energy to make heat, when energy is made it pollutes the atmosphere, when we use existing solar energy it does not.  Burning wood for heat creates the most pollution.  Natural gas or oil, both cause pollution when they burn, but natural gas emits less pollution than oil. So what about electric heat?  When electricity is created at a power plant it creates pollution, especially when they use coal or natural gas.

Renewable Energy – As Long as the Sun Shines There is Energy.

Resources such as gas, oil and coal have a finite supply, meaning at some point it will run out and when supply gets low the price will go up.  These are non-renewable energy sources.  Renewable energy is something that is infinite, like the sun’s power.

Reduced Utility Bills and Increased Self Reliance.

Solar energy systems at your home reduces the reliance on your utility company for energy this can help to lower heating and cooling costs. This is significant, especially when you consider 56% of energy use in a typical U.S. home comes from heating and cooling*.

Subsidized Solar Purchase.

Some utility companies, the Federal and some states governments offer assistance for renewable-energy systems by offering tax credits and rebates.

It Can also Increase your Home’s Value.

Investing in solar-energy may improve the value of your home and it can shorten the time on the market thanks to its ability to lower the cost of heating and cooling.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development have conducted surveys that have shown that home values rise an average of $20 for every $1 reduction in annual utility bills.**

On a similar note here is what California Home Buyers want when looking to buy a home.***

The California Energy Commission reveals that California home buyers want solar and energy efficient homes:

• 91 percent of Californians view a home’s energy efficiency as an important factor when considering the purchase of a new home.

• 70 percent said the cost of the monthly electricity bill was an important factor in their decision to buy a new home

• 81 percent believe that a solar electric system lets a homeowner start saving on monthly living costs immediately

Dependable Energy Source.

The sun as your energy source is very reliable.  When you combine the reliable energy source with a dependable partnership between Cold Craft, Inc. and Lennox we can put the sun to its best economical use in your home.

*U.S. Department of Energy statistics

** The NSHP market research was conducted by an independent contractor, Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin & Associates, from March to May 2007.

***California Energy Commission. Go Solar California: Live, Work Play in a New California Sun Certified Energy Efficient Solar Home. California: California Energy Commission, 2007.

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By Published On: September 22, 2014

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