One thing is true, Bay Area Heating and Cooling consumers are well educated about the energy efficiency aspect of a new furnace or air conditioning, but sometimes like many other customers, comfort is overlooked or an after thought when it may be too late.

Often times we are totally unaware that we are uncomfortable.   When we sit near a window in the winter we automatically put on a blanket, we find ourselves constantly raising and lowering the volume on the TV when the furnace turns on and off.  Some of these actions become habit or we excuse them away as a consequence of having a furnace.


Some people have disturbed sleep and they don’t know why.  Winter is a time to hibernate and when you awake tired and not rested you owe it to yourself to find the cause.  If this only happens when the temperature dips the answer could be the blower fan and sound dampening qualities of your furnace.

Sleep disturbance affects our productivity, our health and our safety.  Maybe it is time to investigate the Lennox models that are called the quietest and most efficient and the second quietest most efficient on the market today.  I know I am more comfortable in the window seat and I wake up refreshed.


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By Published On: September 22, 2014

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