San Jose, CA – The furnace pictured below was recently removed from a customer’s home.  So on first glance we see rust and yes, the unit is a bit older, so what…  Take a closer look.  The following pictures vividly illustrate how the dangerous carbon monoxide (CO) was leaving what was to be a sealed interior portion of the flue draft hood and entering the air distribution system.  Although the corrosion is quite visible, the fairly large tear drop shaped hole in the unit is the biggest problem.  It is at this point that the furnace is allowing the odorless, colorless combustion fumes to escape and to be sucked into the circulation of the inside air that the occupants are breathing.  (See red arrow).

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This problem was silently killing the family in this home and it is an extreme carbon monoxide venting issue.  This family wisely chose to upgrade their furnace to make the headaches stop, lower their energy consumption and subsequently their energy bill, lower their carbon footprint all by installing a new 95% energy efficient furnace.  This is quite possibly the most important thing that they did for their family in 2011.

The old furnace was approximately 50% efficient.  This means that out of a dollar’s worth of gas entering their furnace at least 50 cents were escaping out the flue.

It is important to note that in California there is a new law requiring Carbon Monoxide Detectors (CO) and these detectors need to be changed out periodically.  There are different sensitivity levels of these detectors so the more sensitive the better.  The CO detector should only be a safety precaution because the CO can build up in the human body.

Having the heating equipment inspected and regularly maintained will help protect our most valuable asset – your family.

The local utility suggests considering looking at furnace replacement at 15 years old for efficiency, safety, reliability and repair costs.



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By Published On: September 23, 2014

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