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One day in a wine cellar planning meeting, I found myself in the center of a discussion with the homeowner about wine storage and the hobby of wine collecting. What he said was very telling to me. This home owner said that he doesn’t drink wine.  What? I found myself focusing on that sentence, but only long enough to hear what else he said.  He planned on taking up the hobby since he was installing a wine cellar for his wife as a gift. When he added, “It seems that many of our friends are adding small wine cellars” he added that he was one of the last hold outs.  At that time I knew… home wine cellars aer now mainstream.

So I began asking people considering a wine cellar how did they get to the point of considering that home improvement?

It seems that some people were inspired by a wine class, a wine bottling party, they recently obtained cellar worthy wine(s) as a gift, joined a wine club or visited a local wine tasting room and they became hooked on bringing more of the hobby of wine collecting and wine tasting to their home.  I did speak to others that have been wine collectors for some time and their need more space for their wine collection or a more prominent place to store their wine prompted them to move forward with a home wine cellar.


Where can you put a wine cellar in your home?

People are eyeing rooms that were once a hub of activity but have now been vacated or are looking for new uses for other spaces. Whether the wine cellar is added because of empty nest syndrome, a hobby room that is never used, an office that is not getting a lot of use anymore or that closet that you could find a better use for.  These all can make good spaces for wine cellars.

Since a proper wine cellar will be tasked with keeping your precious wine at a specific temperature there is a lot more to the wine cellar than the beautiful wine racks.  The process involves the design, this includes the rackingdesign for the wine, the insulation of the room and the cooling equipment to keep the temperature.

The wine cellar is really not a do it yourself project, but if you want one being involved in each step of the process can be rewarding.  It not only takes a specialist to design and install it there is also the aspect of decising of the space is able to handle the refrigeration (and the moisture that comes with it).  The perfect temperature is a nemisis for many air conditioning and refrigeration companies.  It is very difficult to master the cooling of the wine cellar because the ideal temperature falls somewhere between air conditioning and typical refrigeration.  That temperature range is hard to obtain and then maintain.  (Let’s face it – if it were easy anyone could do it.)  Another aspect of wine cellars that some installion companies have not mastered is the caustic properties of wine (even corked wine).  You need a contractor that is going to make adjustments to the equipment to aid in its lifespan.  The caustic property of wine can ruin a wine cellar.

There are some great options available to the home wine cellar owner.  Cold Craft, Inc. partners with Leisure Products to provide a very professional option for your home wine cellar.  When you are done, wow a beautiful result, a display of your wine while protecting it for those special occasions.

For custom wine cellars contact:

Cold Craft, Inc. at 408.374.7292


Leisure Products at 408.294.1594



If you need help with temperature, contact Cold Craft, Inc.

408.374.7292 or [email protected]

By Published On: September 24, 2014

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