Someone on the other side of my neighborhood thought he could change out a furnace without a permit.  He hired a handyman and got his hands on a furnace to install.

Although this is a sample legal notice – I didn’t have the guts to take a picture of the one near my house.

legal notice work stoppage no permit

That is one thing if you are a bonified licensed and insured installer and the handyman is helping you, this guy tries all sorts of stuff with out the proper guideance, personnel or permits.  The neighbors have caught on to keep an eye on his activities when his ‘new fence’ fell down almost killing his own dog tied up on the other side.

Any handyman that knows what they are doing – knows their limitations too.  Besides they are limited on the money they can make without a license.  Anyway they took out the old furnace and caled it a day.  When they came home they had a notice similar to this one on their home.  Apparently the neighbors knew better than to allow him to instal something that is combustable, has natural gas and carbon monoxide potential.  Besides they liked him and didn’t want him to blow up the neighborhood or to electrocute himself.

It’s amazing what people are risking to save money.  It cost this guy big time, don’t let this happen to you.  Now let’s think about that neighbor of yours that is an HVAC installer.  I know you are thinking about having him install a new furnace for you.  Remember unless he owns the company he has no liability insurance and no workers comp.  What happens when he gets hurt on the job or worse yet burns down your home or causes a poisonous carbon monoxide leak in the home…DISASTER that’s what.

Go with a licensed and insured contractor for all of your installations, repairs and safety checks.

This rebate is good for work completed before 11/29/13.


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By Published On: September 27, 2014

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