Everyone wants to look their best whether by the pool sipping a cold one or visiting your favorite vineyard for a wine tasting.  There are lots of exercises focused on core muscles and legs etc., but new clothing trends require a focus on arms.

Sheri Covey owner of Chrome Fit provides programs with unique techniques to get in shape.  She employs rock star trainers that know exactly how to get you in shape very quickly.  Their classes are for any stage of fitness from desk dwellers (like me) to bona fide athletes.

Chrome Fit can get those arms trend worthy, so I asked Sheri Covey to share some of her valuable expertise to get you started.

“One of the keys to developing strong, toned arms is to incorporate them in large weight-bearing movements that use them in the way they are designed—as a way to connect the big, powerful muscles in your trunk and legs to those heavy objects you’d like to move around. Do this properly and you can put the muscles of your arms under a much more demanding load, causing a global body-wide muscular and hormonal reaction that enhances everything from muscle development to loss of bodyfat—a significat benefit that you don’t find in more commonly used isolation training moves like biceps curls.

Fortunately, your nervous system doesn’t discriminate! Any amount of weight that is sufficiently challenging to you will give you positive results, meaning you can use any type of resistance you find engaging. If you’re just getting back into a regular exercise routine, starting out with your own body weight is a great way to begin. Two exercises you can begin with include shoring up an old favorite and then diving into something new.


1. The Push-Up: This classic movement is surprisingly useful as a full-body exercise. Start at the top with your shoulders packed down away from your ears, the pits of your elbows facing directly forward, and with a strong squeeze in your core, butt, legs, and knees – you should be as arrow-straight from head to feet as possible! As you lower under control, bend your elbows straight backwards until they graze your ribs on both sides, rather than allowing them to flare outward. When you’ve reached a depth you can push back up from, push back up while staying tight… elbows in tight all the way with your entire body flexed and stable. Performing push-ups this way will test your entire body!

2. The Quad Press: Start on your hands and knees. Use your hands to make a triangle in front of you with your pointer fingers and thumbs and then slide your hands out to shoulder-width and come to ball-of-foot behind each hand. From this position, rotate your knees outward as far as they can go and make sure your back is parallel to the ground. From here, keep your back straight and parallel to the ground as you lower as far as you comfortably can, then press back up equally through both hands and feet. Your elbows should point backwards at 45 degrees while your knees point forward at 45. You’ll quickly feel the burn with this froglike press!

As you work on those strong arms, you can accelerate your progress by getting them connected to some demanding tools. At Chrome Fit, we are partial to some tried-and-true training implements, including Clubbells, kettlebells, and gymnastics rings. When you’ve found a tool that you enjoy, you open up exciting worlds of movements you can train with, all of which can be simplified or sophisticated to modify the demand on your muscles and nervous system and allowing you a great deal of freedom in finding a uniquely challenging and satisfying path to your own fitness goals.”

If you take a Chrome Fit class you will find that the trainers make sure that all participants feel comfortable at any level, and just to be sure that no one is either left out or held back there are level specific training classes available.  Chrome Fit can get those arms (and the rest of you) feeling comfortable in that sleeveless in no time. Find a class that speaks to you at https://chromefit.com/services/, and begin your sleeveless odyssey at https://chromefit.com/prices-membership/!



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By Published On: September 24, 2014

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