By Marlene Fales, CFO PSS Communications

Business Communications and the associated technologies have made your phone one of the most powerful tools in your business arsenal.  Applications and technologies provide powerful, productive and profitable tools to companies both small and large.

In order to make an educated determination if you or your company should adjust to these changes you need to know why the world of communications changed.

Advanced communication technologies that drive business communications have become mainstream and specifically over the past decade, you can see an enormous transformation of the way we communicate.  Along with digital imaging, digital information storage, process automation and data analysis, the rise of the Internet and subsequent development of its associated technologies have had an infinite influence on business communications and have redefined how businesses communicate at many levels.


New technologies have greatly increased the speed at which business communications take place not only locally, but across the globe, thereby making the world a much smaller place. Email has enabled users to send information anywhere on the planet, instantly and thus removing the time zone barrier of years past.

LAN’s or Local Area Networks keep employees connected, allowing them to collaborate easily on projects and giving them access to data without leaving their desks or even their homes.

Almost every business now has some sort of online presence, giving them access to enormous resources. Devices like netbooks, tablets and smartphones enable staff to connect to the office from wherever they happen to be, any time of day.

Then there is social networking and this has also changed the face of business communications. Who Knew our world would become so accessible?  Businesses not aware or not using the tools available to help manage the 24/7 chaos, will be left behind. Business communications has changed tenfold in recent years and will continue to do so at lightning speed.

Has your company progressed with improvements in Technology?

Is your Business Communications System allowing you and your employees to be:

  • Connected? Wherever they are around the world, are your employees able to stay in touch with each other, partners and customers?
  • Dynamic? Does your system support real-time communication and collaboration ensuring easy, ongoing sharing of ideas and information?
  • Team-ready? Are workers in widely dispersed locations forming productive long-term and ad hoc teams as easily as if they were in the same office?
  • Richly interactive? Can Staff easily share documents and presentations making for more productive brainstorming and training sessions?

What can these collaboration capabilities mean for you?

  • Significant cost savings. Lower travel expenses and less employee transit time improves your bottom line.
  • Enhanced productivity and innovation. Less time wasted trying to connect with others means more time spent in productive collaboration and innovation.
  • Stronger relationships. Easy collaboration and information sharing among employees, customers, partners, and suppliers.
  • Smarter, better coordination. People throughout the organization have easier access to the information and expertise they need to get the job done.

Evaluate where your Business Communication Systems are and where it is with regards to utilizing the technology available.

Are you leaving “Money on the Table”, OR are you fully utilizing today’s Communications technologies to Streamline, Collaborate, Access and Respond to your customers needs? Your competition is!  Don’t get left behind.

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By Published On: September 24, 2014

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