PG&E Lifts the Suspension on Gas Efficient Appliance Rebates.

On October 6th 2011 the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) approved a decision that will allow Pacific Gas and Electric ( PG&E ) to lift the suspension and resume gas energy efficiency incentives and rebates.  The decision allows PG&E to utilize unspent energy efficiency funds from prior years to address the gas incentives and rebates budget gap created by the transfer of funds from the Gas Public Purpose Program (PPP) to the State General Fund.

Based on the CPUC decision, PG&E is pleased to lift the suspension of gas energy-stack_of_billsefficienct incentives and rebates.  Effective immediately, PG&E will begin processing incentive and rebate payments that were previously suspended, according to the terms of the respective applications and agreements.

Eligible projects and rebate applications not previously submitted, due to suspension, should now be submitted in accordance witht he terms of the respective applications and agreements.

For more information see the PG&E site and the webpage below:


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By Published On: September 22, 2014

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