“You can’t plan on what happens right. You have to plan on when it’s wrong because it’s almost certain to be,” said Wes Inskeep, former Navy Seal.

It takes a good 5-8 years to make a qualified heating and air installer.  Using a handyman or a weekend Home Improver can cost lives!  We are talking about carbon monoxide poisoning and combustion (fire) issues here.  For me, not worth the chance!

This week we went to a rental unit where the landlord purchased a Big Box Store wall furnace to install in his rental unit.  The Big Box Store wall furnaces are different than the units a heating and air contractor would be able to buy. They have different quality and clearances.  The contractor can buy a higher quality unit.

The tenants have no heat as a result and the equipment installed does not have proper venting.  This is a big issue.  Not only won’t the unit work properly but the tenant is put in harms way when they continuously push the reset button to get it to work they are chancing a fire or carbon monoxide issue and carbon monoxide is deadly because it is colorless and odorless.  There is a reason why the unit is not working. Our technician when there heard the tenant say they push the reset button and it will work so they keep pushing that button.  The tenant confessed to pushing that reset button over 40 times. The tenant is lucky to be safe today.

We gave a price to uninstall, recycle the old unit if the property owner wants to and install a proper unit for heating in that duplex.  Without removing the unit we would be unable to determine the cause of the ventilation problem.  We make it a practice not to attempt to install a furnace we do not know where it came from or what is wrong with it – there is an inherent carbon monoxide and fire liability that we are not willing to take.  Some of these installations are attempted with purchases from liquidation sites and that equipment can be shelf pulls, used, broken or factory refurbished.  Cold Craft only installs new equipment in our customer’s home and businesses.

The property owner did not think it was a big deal.  I’m not sure if his advice will be to continue to push the reset button or to try to fix it himself.  The technician has 20 years experience and is NATE certified (see video at link NATE Certified website) – This installation with the ventilation issue is prime for fire or CO poisoning or death.  The owner did not want us installing a new unit even though there were major issues with this installation.

If you own older wall furnace(s) and want replacement(s) call us, we are ready, willing and able to provide safe installation of wall furnaces.  We have disounts for multiple units at once like in an apartment setting. Call for details 408.374.7292.



If you need help with temperature, contact Cold Craft, Inc.

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By Published On: September 27, 2014

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