When You Think Chavez Markets, Think Verde
by Susan Nichol, CEO Cold Craft, Inc.

Green is the color of energy efficiency and a green planet, in Spanish green is Verde.  When I think Chavez Markets, I think Verde because of all the energy efficient measures they have put in place not only to save green but to help the planet.  Chavez Markets is a true advocate of energy efficiency. It is more than the $68,000 in annual savings that prompted this family market to upgrade their equipment but hey those savings didn’t hurt.  So, it can pay to be green too.

Refrigeration equals approximately 60% of the expenses that a grocery store owner bears.  Many grocery owners are not aware of how much is spent on refrigeration because frankly some of the expenses are hidden in energy bills, lost product (from unreliable equipment), maintenance and repairs. This percentage is of expenses, but sales actually can be improved with better cases and lighting that not only showcases the products more it can save money on electricity.  So older inefficient cases cost the owner in energy costs and lost sales.

The attached case study is about how Chavez Markets made some changes to be a greener grocer with the help of Energy Smart Grocer … the refrigeration work was completed by Cold Craft, Inc., Campbell, CA call us for help with your grocery store efficiency 408-374-7292.


By Published On: October 2, 2015

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