Up in the hills around the San Francisco Bay Area it gets chilly into the spring and it is fairly cool for the majority of the summer.  Furnaces located there work longer into the year than the normal furnace because of the cooler temperatures, these units work well into May. Other furnace companies are reluctant to travel to the mountain homes because of the long distance to travel and the narrow roads (not to mention the occasional mudslide).

This past spring we performed a service call for a heating repair in the mountains.  Our technician went out and diagnosed a couple of issues with the furnace.  Since there were a couple of problems and the furnace was starting to age we made a suggestion to either replace the broken parts or replace the unit because of other likely failures in the near future.  The customer opted to repair the unit rather than replace it.  The reasoning was that they didn’t have the time for replacement.

Time went on and the furnace started to lose reliability and finally it stopped working this November.  The failure reminded the customer how chilly the fall evenings are there and the need for reliable heat.

Although this customer opted for the repair initially it was based on inconvenience and lack of time, he was busy.  He felt that repairs take less time than replacements.  In this case he was mistaken – the furnace finally gave out within a year and the replacement ultimately had to be performed.

It is interesting to see what the tipping point is for people to make a decision, comfort, reliability and of course cost play a factor, but in this case comfort and reliability are key in this final replacement decision.



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By Published On: September 22, 2014

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