Ask any heating and air conditioning (AC) company and they will tell you that the first sign of warm weather doesn’t drive the calls for AC help. It’s the hotter days, especially the second or third in a row, that pushes the customers to call for service.

It seems that the action of the AC moving air in the home makes it cool enough even if the air temperature out of the registers is not cool.

The strategic customers test the functionality of the heater or AC for the upcoming season. This is smart since they get their choice of appointments and things can be scheduled around their busy lives. We highly recommend that you schedule AC maintenance or repairs now to make sure your AC unit is running smoothly before the hot weather is upon us.

Testing your air conditioning will help you determine if cool air is coming out of the registers or if you simply feel the air blowing over your hand.

Be sure to change your filter so your equipment doesn’t have to work so hard. Tuning up your AC equipment allows you to get ahead of the problem so that it doesn’t fail.

Cold Craft is performing air conditioning tune ups right now to prevent the rush of calls when it gets really hot and the AC units can’t keep up.

Cold Craft is the number one HVAC contractor in Campbell, California so call us at 408.374.7292 today to schedule your AC tune up. We are industry experts and we pride ourselves in being proactive in servicing your AC unit.

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By Published On: May 20, 2022

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