Many people emotionally invest in buying and collecting fine wine, viewing it as more than just a hobby. How the wine is stored is important to how it will taste when drunk. You can end up having to discard your wine that took months or years to collect if you store it in extreme temperatures for too long. Having your wine stored in a temperature-controlled environment means that it will be preserved, protected, and ready to enjoy at any moment.

Since temperature is a big factor for wine, it is important to know that wine stored at temperatures higher than 70° F will age wine too quickly, at higher temperatures, your wine may get “cooked,” resulting in flat aromas and flavors.

Above: Cold Craft supplied the refrigeration for this Thomas Warner designed wine cellar.

Wine should ideally be stored at a temperature of 45-65° F; household refrigerators are not a good option for long-term storage as the temperature usually falls below 45°. The eventual drying out of corks can allow air to seep into bottles and damage the wine and even form tartrate crystals in the wine. These crystals do not affect the flavor or aroma, but the sight of crystals can be off putting. Additionally, the caustic wine vapors can damage the appliance.

The specialty of wine cellar cooling falls in a niche between refrigeration and air conditioning. It’s crucial to consult with an expert who specializes in wine cellar cooling. Cold Craft Inc. can help you find the ideal solution for your wine refrigeration. At Cold Craft, a full-service heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration company, the professionals can work with you to install and service wine cellar refrigeration according to your exact needs.

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By Published On: January 3, 2023

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