A large multi-building communications company was surprised to hear our results after CCI performed Air Care on their property. Here is a case study about what we found.

In the South Bay, there were 17 rooftop units on the rooftop of a commercial property.  Every single unit (economizers) failed except one (16 failed).

This is the energy efficient portion of many package units that allows reduced heating bills through using the outside air in to cool the property instead of using air conditioning.  At 9 to 10 in the morning we could hear the air conditioners kick on instead of the economizers to cool the interior.  The outside temperature was lower than the inside temperature.

logo-aircare_plus-160-resized-600.gifWhy was this happenning.  Well it could be from a botched installation or an uninformed, inexperienced technician.  This is what we found economizers disconnected, a safety switch bi-passed (which could cause an explosion on the rooftop), cut wiring and the coils were very dirty.



(Pictured: Disconnected economizer from the Maintenance HVAC Contractor)


Since economizers are a specialty, many heating and cooling contractors, even high tech contractors do not understand the operation and installation nuances and more importantly the importance of the economizer.  These techs are unable to correct these issues and it hurts the property owner or business because they are paying dramatically higher bills.  The economizers provide improved air flow and dramatically more energy efficient cooling.

(Pictured: Cut Economizer wires, no efficiency when the wires are cut)






(Pictured below: dirty coils even after the Quarterly Preventative Maintenance appointment – from another HVAC Contractor).


Air Care corrected some of these issues such as the coil cleaning (see above).  Cut wires are usually intentional and not covered under the program.

Use a contractor that understands the importance of energy efficiency.

-Air Care Plus


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By Published On: September 22, 2014

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