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Air Scrubber Advanced: New Certified Space Technology
that Protects You & Your Family

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As the Coronavirus case count surges, you need to protect yourself and your family even more. We have the latest technology that continuously protects and purifies the air and contaminants on all surfaces. Since we are considered an essential business, we are available to install on forced air or enteral systems in the Bay Area.

Sanitation is One of the Most Common FDA Failures for Grocers

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Alix Penning Now that we got your attention, if an inspector visited your store today, how would you feel? Would you be confident in your equipment and practices, or would you be crossing your fingers and pacing? Take a look at these common FDA failures : Older meat or deli cases that don’t hold a

Innovative Comfort Solution For The Eichler Obsessed

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Caterer, Jo Kadis never met a person that she couldn’t dazzle with her catering food. Even after her retirement she continues to carry on that tradition. Many call her the Chocolate Lady and for good reason, she can often be found carrying a bit of chocolate especially when chaperoning trips. Is her name familiar? Perhaps

Temperature Controlled Wine Cellars – Luxury Home Must Have

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Northern California’s Cold Craft, Inc. is an expert in wine cellar refrigeration. The firm has been in business since 1991. There is a large value placed on temperature controlled wine cellars for their added home value and the protection of wine collections that can be hundreds, thousands and even millions of dollars in value. If

Imagine Unique Thermal Comfort Solutions for Luxury Homes

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San Jose, CA- Historically and even more so over the past five years, Cold Craft, Inc. has continuously been courted by general contractors and owners or owner agents to work in higher end luxury or custom homes in the San Francisco Bay area to assure both form and function of thermal comfort, wine cellar refrigeration

How Safe Are You From the Silent Killer in your Parking Garage?

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Did you know there could be a “Silent Killer” in your enclosed parking garage?  This killer is automobile exhaust.  Some components of exhaust are invisible, colorless, odorless, and tasteless but deadly and that main deadly component is Carbon Monoxide (CO).  This is extremely toxic and it affects its victims in such a way that they may fail

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