By Cathy Rikli

Don’t let your filter look like this!!!!!  (Yes, that is a furnace filter.)

When was the last time you changed your filter in your furnace?

Dirty Filter

You know the dust you just polished off your furniture a week ago and the week before that, can you imagine if you didn’t dust your furniture that often how thick that layer of dust would be?  Well it’s the same with your filter.  If you have animals it’s going to make it even that much worse with Cat/Dog hair and dander.  Are you a smoker?  These are all contributing factors to a clogged filter.

Now you and your children and your pets are breathing the dust in because your furnace is just not able to filter the air when it is too clogged.  Wouldn’t you want your family to have better quality air?  Don’t allow your filters to get this bad.

Changing your filter is the most important thing you could do to keep your furnace working at its maximum efficiency.  Filters prevent the evaporator coil from becoming plugged with dust, which restricts airflow and reduces the efficiency and the life span of your furnace, which means repair and replacement bills sooner then you should be getting them.  Not changing your filter in rare cases could even cause a fire!

The specific amount of time you can go between filter changes depends, do you have pets, do you have old carpet contributing to the dust, do you live near land that has a lot of dust or it is windy pushing dust into the home to be filtered?  What I can say is that a filter is typically changed every three months.

If you want a cleaner home and you want it to stay cleaner longer or if your family has severe allergies, it may be worth it to check/change out your filter more often than every three months.

If you haven’t checked your filter in a while, it’s probably time to change it!  Don’t allow a dirty filter to affect your breathing.

Use our Tune Up Service if you think your furnace filter is this bad and you don’t want to  touch it.


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By Published On: September 22, 2014

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