Cold Craft, Inc. recently ran a special on Angie’s List for a tune up and safety check.  Out of the people that responded one household was a couple awaiting the arrival of their first child.  Staci, our technician arrived at the home and assessed the equipment starting with an inspection.  Our visual inspection includes a scope inspection to look inside the unit for rust, pitting or cracks in the heat exchanger, this was not the case with this furnace but these items can create a carbon monoxide issue in the home and its occupants.

It had been some time since it was tuned up or cleaned so it was due.  When Staci continued with the safety check she found a couple of issues, one of which was a carbon monoxide problem.  She explained the issue to the customers and they elected to replace the furnace, but only after the baby was born.  Luckily we have periodic carbon monoxide training and this particular training class emphasized the importance of unborn children and babies.


I called the wife of this couple and explained the dangers to her child and they opted to change it out immediately.  Through teamwork we were able to get the equipment and manpower available to make this installation happen.

Please read the testimonial we received below (from Yelp).  So if you or someone you know are expectant parents or if you want to have your furnace worked on for safety, call us at 408.374.7292.

 Here is the review…

Cold Craft originally came to clean and to perform a safety inspection on our furnace. While inspecting the furnace, their technician found one side of the heating rod is badly burned, which can produce carbon monoxide.  
Learning from the technician that my wife is 9 month pregnant and is due any day, Susan from Cold Craft contacted my wife and me to give us the detailed information for the new basic furnace installation.  She also helped to expedite the installation before the baby come, so that our baby can have the warmth from the new furnace, and be safe from the possibility of harmful carbon monoxide.  
We really appreciate the thoughtfulness and professional service from all of Cold Craft’s staff. We’d definitely recommend Cold Craft to our family and friends.

-Ram 01/15/13

If you need help with temperature, contact Cold Craft, Inc.

408.374.7292 or [email protected]

By Published On: September 25, 2014

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