Private Silicon Valley Wine CellarsOne sunny late spring day in 2017, my business partner, our engineer, and I headed to Palo Alto to check on a high-end home and the personal wine storage requirements of the owner. My curiosity was peaked when I was going into the home of a very successful entrepreneur, sometime after his business was gobbled up by one of the big dogs in Silicon Valley.

I guess it was mere seconds earlier that the allusive billionaire was eating breakfast at the dining table where we now stood. The clue was a lone breakfast plate still glistening with egg yolks prepared by his private chef.  The distinct sound of fine china being placed on the countertop could be heard in the kitchen, it was the personal chef finishing up in the kitchen.

We were here for a reason, Cold Craft’s specialty is wine cellar refrigeration, and we work closely with the wine cellar builder and designer to make sure the finished product was exactly what the owner wants.  The only way to do that was to be on site to see the construction of the home so we can retrofit a solution to fit the demands of and esthetics of the wine storage. The other goal for our visit is to meet the construction team, the wine cellar designer and racking personnel and to get a sense of what they are like and how we can best work together.  Some contractors even on the high-end projects can come across as being very rough and tough, in a phrase, old school; while others are more polished. I was delighted by the professionalism and polish of the personnel working on the project.

Truly the most impressive was a tall man with brown short hair and just touch of gray by his ears which played nicely to give him some credibility, otherwise he looked too young to have 25 years of experience.  This man was obviously a leader that had the respect of others on the job. He is gentle yet serious, detailed and focused on getting the measurements and the job done perfectly for his client. He dressed well too donning a shirt that was tailored to be worn untucked, neat pressed pants and clean shoes for construction so he fit the part of the wine cellar aficionado well.  I observed Thomas Warner, the wine cellar guru for about an hour to see if he was the same gentleman with his team when he thought he was in private, as he was in front of others, and he did not disappoint.  His style was to combine the showcase characteristics of a great wine cellar with the function to store and protect the owners’ investment in wine.

Thomas Warner has spectacular designs and finished products by using great design and materials such as exotic woods from around the globe, reclaimed and sustainable materials.  His designs and work are classics and they possess a time-honored appeal, enhanced with subtle lighting, creative display features and state-of-the-art climate control.

Thomas Warner recently introduced an exclusive line of bamboo racking – with endless versatility and an emphasis on renewable resources, it will please the most discerning of wine enthusiasts.  Time will tell what the finished wine cellar will look like.

Just in this brief encounter with Thomas Warner I knew Cold Craft would be happy to work with him to provide refrigeration to his impeccable wine cellars.

If you have a wine cellar that needs refrigeration either installed or replaced Cold Craft, Inc. can help you 408.374.7292 license 631837.

If you need a wine cellar built or redone Thomas Warner is your guy Take a look at the photos for yourself.

By Published On: March 22, 2018

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