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It’s too hot!  Summer is here and temperatures are rising, you feel it, your friends and family are feeling it and your wine is feeling it too if you are not storing it in a cooler place.  You need a plan to protect your wine.

Luckily you have some solutions.

Of course some of these solutions depand on how much wine you have, the value of your collection and type of wine but here is a list of the potential solutions for your wine collection that is currently being stored in your home.

  • Get air conditioning. We say this with the understanding that this solution is not intended to store your wine at the ideal temperature, but it can help to protect your wine from extreme summer temperatures.
  • If your wine collection is small and not really an expensive collection, you could buy a small wine chiller (refrigeration unit).  Many of these units are inexpensive and basically throw away appliances when they eventually fail.
  • Well some people laugh when I suggest this, but then some have taken me up on this suggestion. Just have a party or wine tasting at your home, before the wine has a chance to go bad.  Who know you may start a summer tradition.  Make a comment on my blog if you do this I’d like to hear about it.
  • Have a wine cellar installed in your home for larger or more expensive wine collections to showcase your wine.  These cellars can be custom built with specific racking to accommodate your personal collection (whether you collect magnums, champagne, splits, etc.)
So there you have it, a winde range of suggestions.  The air conditioning and in home wine cellar are suggestions that our firm can help with home air conditioning or with a Cold Craft wine cellar.
You can always call us at 408.374.7292 with questions.


If you need help with temperature, contact Cold Craft, Inc.

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By Published On: September 24, 2014

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