Nationwide, business owners are capturing opportunities enabling them to upgrade their business equipment without breaking the bank. This is accomplished by effectively using energy incentives and customized financing to implement energy saving equipment and solutions.

Energy companies continue to increase available rebates while the government provides tax credit incentives to businesses that purchase energy efficient equipment. Moreover, when companies combine those offerings with a finance program from a lending company that specializes in energy efficiency projects, equipment payment structures can be tailored to cash flow. This enables companies to acquire equipment, easily capture rebates and tax credit opportunities. Below is an example of how one California retailer took advantage of Cold Craft, Inc.’s heating, air conditioning and refrigeration solutions and Ascentium Capital’s specialized financing.

Cold Craft worked closely with their finance manager from Ascentium Capital to create an impressive rebate-filled offer to a local grocery retailer. The offer included rebates and 0% financing from the local power company for part of the purchase. In addition, Ascentium Capital was able to offer a deferred payment plan for the majority of the equipment acquisition. The rebates reduced the interest cost that the client would incur while the deferred payments allowed Cold Craft to install the equipment and give the client time to reap energy savings before full payments started. It was a win for Cold Craft and their client! By combining the many resources and incentives that are available, the business owner was able to make significant equipment upgrades without significantly impacting cash flow.

To learn more about how Cold Craft and Ascentium Capital can help your company succeed, please contact:

Ascentium Capital, LLC
Vice President Sales – Anthony Stein
W: 281.902.1990
[email protected]

Cold Craft, Inc.
W: 408.374.7292

By Published On: June 6, 2015

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