For most people, Labor Day is a celebration of the best thing since sliced bread: the weekend. And, of course, the men and women who fought for us to have it. We work hard, and thanks to the Labor Union Movement, we can also play hard.

Cold Craft, Inc. is a work hard play hard company with an emphasis on family first.  The firm celebrates the Labor Day holiday and is taking time to remind you that Monday through Friday Americans need rewarding jobs.

Unlike many professions, the HVAC/R business is growing. In 2015 the Bureau of Labor’s 10-year growth projection was set to 14%, and that number is only getting bigger. A lack of new skilled workers has made it clear that the demand will continue to grow steadily, and faster than it can currently be filled.

The growing trends of energy efficiency and pollution reduction, and the continual phasing out of refrigerants, fuels, and equipment types means more business for HVAC/R. How? Well, just think about how many technicians are going to be needed to replace or upgrade every AC unit, wine cellar, and scientific refrigerator—in Silicon Valley alone.

Have you ever considered a profession in HVAC or R (refrigeration)? It’s a viable, fulfilling, and practically recession-proof way to build a future for yourself and your family, excellent benefits, including retirement — all of this without a four-year degree. That means HVAC/R technicians are able to start their professional life without being saddled with tens (or HUNDREDS) of thousands of dollars in debt.

Cold Craft is always looking for good talent! The top need is for a Sales Professional and an experienced installation foreman to help coordinate jobs, assure all the parts are in place for the team to be successful, coach and mentor others to grow to their potential.

Cold Craft is always looking for good employees. As a full-service firm, sales, maintenance, technician and installer positions are mostly needed.

If you are interested in joining our team, please visit this site and fill out the form. If you know someone who could benefit from this, feel free to forward them this message as well.

There’s a huge HVAC R labor gap and together we can help bridge it.
Campbell, CA
Lic.# 631837

By Published On: August 28, 2018

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