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4 Warning Signs to Get New AC

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When to Know a Repair just won’t cut it. There’s a saying we’ve all heard about life: nothing lasts forever. Unfortunately, your air conditioner is no exception. Eventually you’ll have to repair or replace your Air Conditioning system. How do you know it’s time to call it quits with your home’s old system? Your AC

In the War Over the Thermostat, Zoning is the Clear Winner

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FIGURE 1 BRYANT HEATING AND COOLING WORK GREAT WITH ZONING SYSTEMS. Why should you zone your home HVAC? Zoned temperature control has been popular in office buildings, hotels, and businesses for years. Recently there has been steady growth in the number of people using zoned HVAC systems in their homes, and it’s easy

Parking Garage Deferred Maintenance = High Risk

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Commissioning a parking garage is a big hurdle, but once the garage opens many owners think the responsibility ends there, ignoring maintenance of the exhaust system and mandatory annual sensor calibration. The general public is at risk when this maintenance is ignored.  People using the parking garage, including tenants, retail establishments, and restaurants who’re connected

The Importance of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

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Indoor Air Pollutants and Health According to the American Lung Association, poor indoor air quality can impact your health by contributing or causing chronic lung disease, lung cancer or the development of infections.  Certain people are at greater risk than others, for example people with a lung disease face a greater risk when exposed to

July Marked the Anniversary of Air Conditioning: Meet its Inventor

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In summertime in some areas, the thermometer can extend past 90 degrees, and the humidity can make the atmosphere feel more like 120 degrees. One invention from 1902 continues to provide relief from the summer heat in homes, businesses and automobiles—air conditioning. Known as the “Father of Air Conditioning,” Willis Haviland Carrier’s “Apparatus for Treating

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